Our Tutors & Heads

All staff have a responsibility for the care and well-being of the students in the school. The first points of contact for students and parents are the student’s tutor and Head of Year. Tutors see students twice a day, every day, and monitor their progress closely. If possible, tutors teach their tutor group. They always contact home if there is something causing concern or a particular success. The Head of Year has overall responsibility for the welfare and development of all students in the Year group and works closely with tutors and subject teachers to ensure that everything is being done to encourage success. Each year group has its own area, with Head of Year office, tutor rooms where they register, and their own toilets.

Contact with Home
The education of your child is a partnership between you and the school. It is very important that we have good communication. There are two parents’ evenings in Year 7: a tutor evening in October (to see how well students are settling in and to nip any problems in the bud) and a subject teacher evening later in the year. There is also a Year 7 Special Needs evening to tell parents about how we provide additional support for students with various learning difficulties.

Dr Walter Gill
Mrs Taylor-Bennett
Deputy Headteacher
Miss Wendy Downes
Head of English
BSc English – Bath University

Mrs Emily Porter

Head of Maths

BSc Maths and Science – Oxford University


Mr Claude Little

Teacher in Training


Ms Ingrid Willows
PE Teacher

BSc Marketing – City University London

Ms Susie Pollcat

History Teacher

BSc Classic – Edinburgh University


Mr Sam Bale

Head of Geography

BSc Geography – Kent University

Ms Pam Lynx
Head of PE and Personal Trainer
BSc Nutrition – Cambridge University
Personal Trainer Certificate – Discovery


Mr Harry Badger

Head of Science

MSc Science – Bristol University


Mrs Alice Hope 

Maths Teacher

BSc Education – Southampton University

Mr Peter Pringle

Geography Teacher

MSc Physics – Birmingham University